Previously Commissioned Arrangements

Here are lists of some of my previous arrangements, listed by voicing:

Women's four-part arrangements

Men's four-part arrangements

Arrangements in other voicings

Increasing numbers of them are available through the Sheet Music Plus ArrangeMe programme, which means you can buy them off-the-shelf, ready licensed. These arrangements are all included in the full list, with links through to purchase them in their entries, but are also listed separately here for ease of browsing:

Off-the-shelf arrangements

For the other arrangements, including all the medleys, you will need to obtain a print licence from the publisher. This is because arrangements are known, in terms of copyright law, as 'derivative works' - that is, they build on the work of the original writers. As such, the copyright remains with the song's holders, and I don't have rights over the further distribution of my work. This means that for any songs in copyright which aren't available through SMP, I can't sell you an arrangement or send you a preview copy. Unhelpful, huh?

But what I can do is help you contact the copyright holder to request a licence to use it. So, if there's an arrangement you are interested in, get in touch and I will let you know how to go about seeking permission. (I have only included songs where I have the full licensing details from the original commissioning group precisely so I can help with this!) Once you have a licence, I will be able to insert any specific wording the publisher requires and send you the chart.

I make a flat-rate charge for an hour of my time (£30) for this service.

So, if you are interested in any of these arrangements, use the button on its page to send an enquiry about it, and I will let you know the most recent information I have about whom to contact for a print licence.

Two things to note:

  1. The licensing details do sometimes change over time, so you may find yourself referred on to a different publisher from the one I tell you about. Please let me know when this happens so I can update my records. The original licensing information will still be useful for them to help you with your enquiry, though.
  2. Most of the licensing info I have is for UK copyright holders. In some but not all cases, this will be valid internationally. You'll need to find out who controls the rights in your country. Again, the info from the original licensing will still be useful for you in these cases so they'll treat it as licensing an existing arrangement rather than starting from scratch