Arrangers’ Mutual Mentoring Scheme

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It’s time to start the 3rd annual cycle of the Mutual Mentoring Scheme for Arrangers. For those who haven’t participated before (and indeed those who have but who want to refresh their memories of how it works) there’s an overview here.

For now, I just need to say two things.

First, the dates we’re dealing with. Please let me know by 28 September 2011 if you’d like to participate this year. I will then be in touch to introduce you to your partner by 11 October.

Second, a quick word about participation. From talking with various people who have been involved in the first two years of the scheme, it seems that there are both some very happy and productive partnerships, and some where both partners spend a lot of time feeling guilty about not doing more and relieved that their partner hasn’t been either. And you know, that’s not a happy way to spend a year. So if, realistically, you’re not likely to fulfil the commitments, take a year out. It’s fine to hop in and out as your life circumstances ebb and flow.

On the other hand, if you’re someone who in past years has said you’d like to participate but didn’t have time, you’re still welcome to join in now if it’s looking a more likely proposition.

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